Preparing in unity

Glory to My King

Kish and Rachel Johnson are like a tree planted by streams of water that bears fruit in every season. Their faith is rooted in the Word of God; their passion for God and their desire to make Him known has taken them to serve in mission fields on three continents. Kish and Rachel are comfortable praying and ministering with people from different Christian churches, a testament to the teachers and mentors they have had in their lives. Their worship ministry style is simple and abandoned: “cut to the chase” and go for intimacy with God. Responsive to the movement of the Holy Spirit in a place they are ready to stop and give a prophetic word of knowledge. Kish and Rachel and their three sons live on a farm in Virginia.

Holy Mount Zion, Bride of the Most High God

“Love Song for the Bride” by Brother Isaiah, Franciscan Friar of the Renewal.

Brother Isaiah wrote this song for the Church to remind her of the One who loves her. He sings, “Behold he makes all things new just looking at you”. The phrase “makes all things new” reminds me of Revelation 21:5 where the Lord says, “Behold, I make all things new”. I sense there is a connection between the Lord seeing the Bride ready to come down from heaven and the new heaven and a new earth. The Lord creates a whole new environment for the heavenly Jerusalem to dwell on earth.

“Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband” (Revelation 21:1-2).

Wait for the Lord

Taizé music comes from the Taizé Community, a French ecumenical religious community founded in 1940. The hallmark ministries of this community are ecumenical prayer and hospitality, and music plays a significant role in both.

​Taizé (pronounced: tay-zay) is a prayerful form of music known for its simple, yet rich and meditative character. Taizé music often takes the structure of an ostinato (a simple melody that repeats over and over) and is meant to serve as a kind of musical centering prayer. Because Taizé music itself is intentionally simple, it provides a great way to move our prayer from the head to the heart.

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Advent in Alleluia Community

Alleluia Community, located in Augusta GA is an ecumenical charismatic community that believes the Holy Spirit has called them together to live the Christian life, culture, and unity that God desires for all people and all denominations. The majority of Alleluia Community members live in an Augusta neighborhood affectionately called Faith Village. Through their daily life of prayer and friendships they seek to help each other live their lives so as to glorify God under the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit.

​Recently some Alleluia Community members gathered to pray the Litany for the Coming of the Lord in Glory in anticipation of the season of Advent. Click below to access the video.

Join them in praying the Litany.

Download the Words to the Litany

A community dedicated to unity in the Body of Christ cries out, “Come, Lord Jesus!”

Christ the  Reconciler is a lay community of followers of Jesus – Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Messianic Jew – striving to live out John 17 through prayer, formation in reconciliation, hospitality, and work.  Based in Texas, Christ the Reconciler was privileged to receive several visits from Fr. Peter Hocken, who always spoke to us of the importance of preparing and praying for the return of the Lord in glory.  It is an honor for members of Christ the Reconciler to pray Fr. Peter’s Litany together.

Adagio y Villancico

Adagio y Villancico
Carol in an Ancient Style
Este es el tiempo en que llegas
Jose Luis Blanco Vega, S.J.
Based on Matthew 25:1-13
Music by Leo Nestor (1948-2019)

Lyrics – Translation paraphrase by Leo Nestor 

Now is the time of your coming,
Oh, bridegroom, here without warning.
You invite those who keep vigil,
while leaving behind those who slumber.

Maidens come singing to meet you,
young maidens with verdant branches,
and bearing lamps which are brimming,
brimming with clear, copious oil.

See how the foolish ones knock upon
the doors which lead to your banquet.
Hear how they cry in the darkness
with eyes which never shall see you.

See, we are watchful and ready,
Oh, bridegroom, awaiting your coming;
our waiting hearts keeping vigil;
hearts watch while eyes drift in slumber.

This is the time of your coming,
Oh, bridegroom, here without warning.
You invite those who keep vigil,
while leaving behind those who slumber.

Grant us a place at your table,
Oh, Love, who comes in the night time.
Before the daybreak gives end to night
and banquet doors close in silence.

Behold, the Bridegroom

Reflect upon these words from Erasmo Leiva-Merikakis who is now a Cistercian monk who goes by his religious name Father Simeon. In the following meditation he reflects upon the moment at the end of our earthly life when each Christian encounters the Bridegroom, Christ, face to face.

“At that final moment, Christ will be looking for only one thing in me: the inimitable light that he has always wanted to enkindle me and bring forth from me, the unique flame that can flare up only if I have allowed my very heart and soul to catch the fire of his love.”

Courtesy: MAGNIFICAT, November 8, 2020 meditation!VVMjMTAjMjAyMCMxMzcyMTYyOA==