Blessed Hope Communications, Inc. is pleased to offer these printable resources without charge.

Keeping Vigil for Christ's Coming in Glory

The Keeping Vigil for Christ’s Coming in Glory is a prayer resource written by Terri Celmer for Advent. It is published wth ecclesiastical permission. We hope this resource will be a blessing to you as you prepare for Christ’s coming in glory, especially during Advent.

Litany for the Coming of the Lord in Glory

The Litany for the Coming of the Lord in Glory was written by the late Father Peter Hocken. Set in the traditional petition and fixed response pattern seen in Psalm 136, it is rich with Scriptural language and images of Jesus — who was, who is, and who is to come — and what his redemption means for his faithful followers. The Litany for the Coming of the Lord in Glory is a school of prayer leading one to ​a personal experience of the blessed hope. It is published with ecclesiastical approval.

Stations of Proclamation: "Jesus is Risent!" by Therese Marie Celmer

Stations of Proclamation: “Jesus is Risen!” is a collection of 15 Scripture passages with meditations on our Lord’s resurrection. Suitable for personal prayer, it is also appropriate for use by groups and parishes as a prayer service during the Easter season. Similar ​to the Via Lucis. Permission to print the Stations of Proclamation: “Jesus is Risen!” was granted by the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, USA.

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